Friday, October 24, 2014

A Doctor's Visit On Friday !

A Doctor's visit on Friday!...was up before even the dawn fact I woke up at 1:30am..then struggled to get back to sleep then finally drifted off and jumped up like I had over slept...Don't cha just hate that ?

This morning was gonna be a fast one...(so I thought) as I had my appointment for 7:30am so I had to be out the door by which I was and it was still dark out and I had the heater on and my seat warmer going..gotta have a warm keester otherwise you shiver hahaha...

I had let the critters out to potty and told them..they'd get fed when I got back..and Ms Shug I never lifter her blanket as she was still sleeping..lucky bird ! off I went and got to the Doc's at 7:22am..not bad ..a little traffic in the happening but not bad...

I had an officer and a bug sprayer with me..hahaha..yeah..the bug sprayer walks in first and says, "hold on for a few moments" and he proceeds to spray the office...wonderful.. I mean just what I needed..where's my fact the police officer and I both laughed.. Guess the motto is.."If we can't cure ya, we kill ya"..

While I signed in a elderly lady came in and she did not look well..uh oh.. so the nurse asked me if I minded they took her first..Why would I mind the woman was not well..however, make sure you wash your hands..hint hint hint..

Soon the nurse came back and got me ..weighted me in took my blood pressure which was 140/78...but I'm always that way when I first walk in as my knees are hurting...then I went inside the little other room..and waited and waited and waited...

Doc walks in and big smile says, "Glad to see you back" and hands me a cup of coffee.....hmmmm I'm glad to be back hahaha...then we chatted about my tests done and my meds ..then we talked about his mom, which I went to school the time I left it was flew by I had to hurry over to Publix and when I got home my brats were ticked off..and so was Ms Shug..she was yelling...LOL

Never thought I'd be gone that long...but as the saying goes.."Chit happens" I got everyone fed and myself included...then as we all settled back down I lay on the couch and took a nap..YES!!!  I certainly did..and I felt much better..

The rest of the day I really just tried to do a few things and still haven't gotten that hutch it's on for tomorrow as I make a pot of gravy...I have an empty box in which that stuff is heading into...woo hoo..

So now the evening rolls around and got to watch the Amazing Race (not a fan of those dentists..they grin too much for me LOL )..and then started that feeling of...where's my bed...and now I'm ready... more than ready...

Short and sweet and ate a few treats..hahaha..never go to Publix when you are hungry...let's not talk about the weight the Doc wants me to lose either...Silence is Golden...

With that...those traveling Stay Safe and God Bless Us All...


  1. Other than the weight thing, did the Doc give you a good report???? Hope you rested once you were home. Although that can be tough with a Too!!!

    1. Linda, Doc said, "I keep tickin' like a good ole clock "..the darling man :)