Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Post It, Toast It, Saturday :)

A post it, toast it, Saturday....that's right !!  today I posted Rudy's show entrees and boy was it ever strange.. I haven't done that in over 20 years..OMG!!  that long ????  Sure enough...but some how it really felt good again..

My little big boy is a year old so he has his first show, a Rottie specialty in Ocala, Florida on the 12th of November and Randy Mcateer will be showing him for the whole week.. I'm excited but I know my Rudy...hahaha..he'll miss his Annie that's for sure and me...but I'll sneak up at watch as I don't want him to know I'm there...being the first time out..they can get to be a little "lookin' for Momma"..

Got up again, this time like 12:30am then went back to bed..not sure why I'm getting up ...but I finally laid back down then back up at 4:30am..ok, so I knew with those numbers again I was heading for a nap time some time today..and I did...I got it and felt much better..

Now did I attach that HUTCH ????? NOT!!!...I have to..don't know why I'm procrastinating but I need to put the chairs in the wagon and get it done, done, done...So here's for tomorrow..:)

Most of the day I was just sorting through papers..getting Rudy's info together for the shows and then chatting with a few friends and day was almost over with...get back to my list so I can at least accomplish little things ..cause we know little things add up ..Ha!

Oh, watched my bird feeder, which by the way I finally filled up, the cardinals came and so did the titmouse and even a big arse crow..that boy was huge..I heard Ms Shug go.."WoW"....hahaha..she did !!

Now I'm just putting some info on my computer and listening to Saturday Night Live..and then I'm hopping...well more like plopping into bed..and on for tomorrow what it brings me...

So with that... those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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