Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pretty Good Wednesday

Pretty good Wednesday...although it started off a wee bit darling brats were again in rare form...they were so wound up from sleeping hahaha..that during their play time one had the gumption to fling a sneaker and bop me right up side the head !!...Now I ask ya, "is that any way to start a morning"..but it fits right in with my lifestyle with these two..

These are the only two I've ever owned that are so out of control.. 1, being I got them at an ole age and 2, two Rottie babies together is a definite NO! NO! at 70 years of my life..I must have been asking to visit the Lord ....

As I was having my coffee I realized my pantry was barren..NO CORN MUFFIN MIX...OMG!  how could I let that I was on a mission..yep! to Walmart I was gonna way could I go another day without my toasted corn muffin with butter and a cup of that's a mortal sin !!!

So out I went and it felt good to get out..and even to a store.. and so I did..and so I bought that Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix..hahaha.. also picked up my bird seed for them critters outside...and a few other things...and as I was heading back I stopped at Hardee's (how could I not) and my phone was my RV Sistah Ms Dawn and her brother Paul..they had been in the neighborhood fixin another Sistah's TV Satellite so they wanted to know if they could stop in..

Well, okie dokie but be prepared my BRATS are WILD..if you can handle it so can I...I think they thought I was joking...(NEVER) and we all got into the house..I told them the safest place to be is at the counter...the couch will some what protect you ...hahaha...

Hello there Momma !  I let Rudy out first then Miss Annie...and like a flash they were into the living room up on Dawn and Paul... I think I saw the whites of their eyes..and Rudy done gave Dawn a bare hug and Paul was being engulfed by Miss Annie....they were all over them like a fly on honey...HOLY HANNAH..

It's a good thing that both Paul and Dawn are use to big dogs cause let me tell ya this could knock your socks off... I was attempting to pull Rudy off Dawn..and he wouldn't let go..hahaha...good thing Rudy and Annie have great temperaments cause their tongues where just a lickin'...I don't think Dawn or Paul could come up for air..

Took awhile for the brats to settle in..but not down..they got their bat and were tugging that thing that know looks like a spoon...I think tonight it will have to hit the trash !...We had a nice visit about 2 hours and I put the brats up so we all could go out the door..yes, it would be another encounter..

Later on it got peaceful..I was dragging and Ms Shug was now wanting her time...oh boy this has now become a long day...and as I watched Survivor I was counting the minutes for bed time..

Tomorrow I will have to take a water pill.. my legs are beginning to fill up and although I'm gonna do a few things I'll be in the I'll get to put my feet up too...

That's my day and now my night is almost over...Those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

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