Tuesday, October 21, 2014

And I'm On To Tuesday Too !!!!

And I'm on to Tuesday too !!!!....again I got up let the brats out then made my way back and got to sleep in an hour more..Hey, I'm liking this..but I won't say that too often ...just in case Miss Annie catches on..

This morning I was planning on going to Walmart..but as I got into emptying one of the boxes and feeling that tired feeling coming on.. I thought to myself.."Why the big hurry, there's always tomorrow"... I should get use to these sayings case my body sure is appreciating them... I mean where am I going that I need everything right away...now it's only taken me years to even think those thoughts...but for some reason this year has turned a new page for me and my body says one thing and my brain says another...however, I think my body is winning !!

Ms Shug is starting to come around better with me...cause last night she was just a nipping.. not hard but acting strange.. I think maybe she was not a happy camper when Robert left..but I did raise her...hmmm hint hint..goes to show you it even happens in birds..you raise them right and they can do a number on you..Shocking ?..heck no !..look at some of the happenings...

Well tonight she was a lot better and I enjoyed her outing now I sure hope she continues on that great streak...of course my brats were horrible... I mean Miss Annie just had the devil in her and Rudy...he goes along with her..guess he figures he doesn't have a choice..she'll bite off his leg hahaha..she does bite him there..poor boy .

My one Christmas Cactus I'm afraid doesn't look like she's gonna make it.. that so upsets me..she was my White one too..her blossoms looked like a bridal fall absolutely gorgeous..Yes! that ticks me off..I have to keep reminding myself not to HATE...but I am very disappointed..

I cooked on my NuWave Pro tonight..made a steak for dinner which came out juicy and then I cooked up a package of sweet sausage while I ate dinner... let them cool and put them up in frig.. I'll do up some peppers and onions and potatoes..have an Italian Sausage sandwich this week.. yep, that will be a good thing..

Watched the Voice again tonight..I really like this show.. they seem to have so much better talent and I also enjoy the judges..you get a good feeling watching it too.. after that not much.. mainly got all my stuff done and did up Shug's foods so she's got her goodies cut up for feed time..

The day itself wasn't a bad one.. sat out in my carport and cleaned up a few things ...glanced at my struggling plants..I so enjoy them ...and then watched some birds fly into the bird bath... I do need to get the feed for them as well..hopefully I'll be more energetic and get over to Walmart..

Going to do some cooking for the freezer..so I can be lazy for a few weeks..LOL..so tomorrow I'll start a pot of chili and put that in containers..next will be a pot of gravy..for the next big thing...

I'm getting sleepy..so with that... Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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