Monday, October 27, 2014

Play The Same Tune Even On Monday

Play the same tune even on Monday...oh that's right !... I was up way too early..let Miss Annie out and then went back to bed... I mean come on crew let's not repeat this..I is an ole woman down by the sea...(Florida)..LOL

Well any way I did go back to bed and got in another hour..I'll take it any way I can...and then we were up..I had several things I wanted to get done...and I got most that was a plus...

I had wash going and while that was happening I put on my pot of coffee...then gathered another box for that HUTCH...and I'm almost 3/4's done..wooo hooo...after I got the crew done and me done... I was out of the house and in the car..LOL

Almost sounds like.."I was set free"...well, kinda, sorta...but I was out and about... had to go to CVS to pick up 3 scripts and then went over to Winn Dixie over in the Villages..(I'm still not liking that store) and while there I grabbed a roasted chicken..came home and gave the critters their lunch cookie and I and Ms Shug shared some of the chicken..(she got the thigh bone with some chicken which she loves) and I have to was awful..dried out..yucko..

So from now on I'll do my roasted chicken in my comes out delish !  I was just being lazy..and I really was tired...however, no more with that..BUMMER!!! :(

I did pick up my dusting tool as I can't get down on my knees or really bend over far knees just aint' gonna co operate I had one but for some reason when I came back to the house it was "color me gone" I have no dusting I will do tomorrow..

The brats had another bout so up I put them arses...and I took a nap..felt great and they were not happy campers when I let them out..for some reason Miss Annie is being a TWIT..she better quit of she will get my foot up her butt .!

Watched the Voice tonight was pretty good.. I only have a couple tonight I really liked..Had Ms Shug out and she was so lovely that she was when she's like that..and that was most my day and tomorrow I've got to step it up a notch..LOL

I'm gonna make some freezer meals up using my crock pot so I don't have to stand over the stove..and finish that blinkin Hutch..and I'm moving along at my own pace...backwards hahaha..

With that..those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All

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