Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Empty Nest On Sunday :(

The empty nest on Sunday :( Robert left this morning it felt strange..something we go through each year as we venture to the Hideaway winter haven...the brats watched and even Ms Shug was stretching her neck to see the hubby walk down the driveway and get into the waiting van to take him to the's such a strange feeling..something I really don't get use too..and always think, "someday, he'll stay for good"..ah come on retirement or maybe we'll get lucky and win the lottery hahahaha...

Shortly after the hubby left I fed the critters and then got dressed and took off to go to the "new" Winn Dixie in the villages..and I'll say this, "they had a lot more of things the other one didn't ...Then again they are catering to a different group of people.....however, they are really not friendly and some what rude...yucko !!!...I'll do my shopping for certain things and then for the others I'll go to Walmart and I go with my different lists again ...

Got home and I was beat..lugging all the groceries in then putting away...Part of the reasons I hate to shop...fixed the brats their lunch cookie and I had a quick lunch too.. then I attempted to have the brats get their nap..finally around 2pm we all took a break..woo hoo.

When I was looking out my front window I was watching the birds come over and check out the feeder..and boy I got the guilty feeling...I hadn't gone to Walmart to pick up their feed..and even a woodpecker came through..OK, give me a really big guilt ...they sure know how to work me !!

As I've been doing the in and outs with the brats and cleaned Ms Shug's crate up and I realized..this is a battle..I had a few months off and fell out of the routine...uh oh I'm gonna be dragging arse for sure...

It will take me a week to get back into the routine and I'm sure when it's bed time like now I'm ready to fall forward...and hard too ...oh yeah, this has been one heck of a day..never ending and of course Miss Annie has been fully charged..she never quits..

Speaking of quiting I'm ready.. my bed is looking mighty comfy and I've got to call the hubby and make sure he's ok too...yes, back to our phone calls coming and going...thank goodness I got the package deal LOL..

With that I'm gonna say, "Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All...nite nite :)

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