Thursday, October 30, 2014

New Cardio Doc Visit On Thursday

New Cardio Doc visit on I got to sleep in again..that darling Miss Annie is maybe getting with the was my visit with my "new" doc and I sure am hoping that it goes well..

Didn't feed the brats although I did Ms Shug..only took my pills and got the trash out and next thing I knew I was driving into Leesburg..a little foggy and some what busy with cars...of course the school lights were flashing all about..and there was that big yellow bus..right in front of me...!

Got into the office and the receptionist was the young gal who use to work for where I live..said my "Hello's and What's Happening " and then I signed in sat down and I heard my name called..Nice young fellow ...wait male nurse :) good looking too..".ok, I'm hear." I walked into the room..

Young lad took all my data and I had him laughing when he left the room..sure hope he least he didn't have a bug bite him...!!! then the Doc walks in the room..a kind of stocky man..gray haired and a pleasant smile ..and as soon as he said, "Hello"..the New York/New Jersey accent came through..

Yep!  we had the down to business talk and as he went through all my medical data he then looked at me and said, "well, looks like your meds are working"  I fully understood.. I've been dancing around the fact that one of these times I'm gonna have to have fact as he put it.."A Tune Up".. my two valves and my plumbing...he was right to the point and I liked hopefully this will be a good thing.

Stopped at Publix on way home..(how could I resist) picked up a few things and got home fed the brats and boy they were hungry..and Ms Shug was doing some yelling..She didn't like the idea I left and didn't even give her my raisin bread toast..Hahaha..

Most my day was really just catching up on some down time.. putting my legs up and giving myself some needed rest..planning on what my day will be tomorrow...and then looking up some info on the internet on ordering parts for my refrigerator and stove hood..

Also going to make some cabbage rolls up and freeze..I like getting things done ahead as it makes it so much easier for me.. I do find myself this year struggling to do a lot of things that was like nothing too me...Makes me worry as I like my I just have to slow down and do a little each day and I won't feel so bad the next...this part of my life  SUCKS!

Tonight watched the biggest loser..Lord help those people..they work so hard and have such little losses..OMG.. I'd have to be scrapped off the floor.. YIKES!

Ok, I'm now just trying to keep my head from with that..those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All.

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