Friday, March 6, 2015

Gee Whiz, It's Friday Already

Gee whiz, it's Friday already... I'm telling you these weeks have been flying by and this coming Sunday the time goes ahead an hour...Good Gravy...soon it will be time for me to head back to Philly...YIKES!

Got up this morning and the race was on..the brats did their Indy 500..I could tell by the crashes that were happening...and me and Ms Shug were in the bathroom taking our shower..hahaha... she also got a little bit more into cleaning too.. You'll love these pictures I mean she is really getting to be a HOOT!  I never know what next she'll surprise me with...isn't really talking much but making sounds and of course actions..

Check these pictures they are something else LOL

That was my morning with Ms Shug..she's always surprising me..getting more and more for my Brats..well they are a jolt and slowly I'm hoping they will begin to slow down...

Most of the day as it was a gloomy day I worked on a cowl I'm's coming along in fact I'd say maybe tomorrow in the afternoon it might be almost completed..

Watched the American Race..and then by the end of the show boy I felt here I sit getting myself ready for bed...Electric blanket on as it's getting chilly again...from 88 one day to now 50ish.. makes you feel cold..

With that I'll say...Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God bless Us All.

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