Monday, March 2, 2015

Ho! Ho! Ho! It's That Monday

Ho! Ho! Ho! It's that Monday....oh brother where art thou ????.....A good night sleep and I was off to the races..No, I never left the house but it was rough and ready with Miss Annie as she was in the mode to RE DECORATE...big time..

I was trying to get the trash ready to go out and clean my frig...and do laundry..all together and as the Brats were on their game of TAG MS Shug was letting them know she wasn't she yelled "OH NO" !... I mean she was jumpin up and down ...

Me I was hoping the good Lord was gonna give me STRENGTH as I certainly was going to need it...big time ..ten times over... it was the WAR OF THE ROSES...I took a deep breath and attempted to round those two up... YEE HAW..

Finally got my coffee break in and sat back and just chilled out.. got the couches back in order and all the cushions off the floor and in had to find where Ms Shug flew off too..hahaha... yeah it was one of those wild and crazy days and it was MONDAY..

I had planned on going out but never got there..did manage to get my kitchen cleaned up but by the time I got to it.. I was so ready for my NAP... I can't remember ever having pups like these two.. Annie is certainly making up for her down time .

Most of the day I kind of sort of followed those brats around hoping they wouldn't get into any thing more.. then folded clothes my worst job..hahaha.. I hate folding clothes and it stems from when I was a kid ..that was one of our punishments folding clothes and with all in the house it was a big to this day .. I hate folding clothes..almost as bad as I hate ironing.

Tonight watched the Voice ..I was only impressed by the last singer she was good, very I'm ready for bed and so are the brats.. so it's lights out and catch ya in the morning..

Those traveling STay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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