Thursday, March 5, 2015

Tried And True On Thursday

Tried and true on to my methods of getting my crazy house in some what order...I have always so much going on at the same time.. My Brats are zooming through the house as I know, I can no longer keep up with them so I let them tires themselves out..unless they get into it.. then of course I give the yell from Hell and they quit..but normally I'm busy getting their food together..

Well Ms Shug decided she wanted to make her impression she found herself a bell..Yes!  you got it !... A bell which she does her 1 ringie dingie for me LOL... just like the maid...well she rings when she wants me..hahaha

I took a picture I'll have to post it..hopefully as I copy it I can bring it up into my blog..cause it really is neat ..and she's becoming more and more a hoot..I've been giving her more out time with I have my breakfast in the chair next to her cage..she joins me...we have a few little words and then she climbs in her cage and eats her breakfast..sometimes I even give her a few little pieces from my raisin toast or my corn muffin..and she makes those mmmmm sounds hahaha..

Here's Ms Shug ringing her bell..sure wished I did a video..LOL  Enjoy this one!

Today I started on my second cowl... it's a lacy one took me a little bit of getting it right and to make the twist right..but it's coming along and I'm enjoying I sit back in the chair..LOL.. the brats are finally getting to settle down at night...for at least a few hours and I can get a few rows done..

Watched American Idol...only one of the girls I liked..but they really didn't do a good job..oh well...even got to watch Survivor...I won't tell..just incase someone else hadn't got to watch it yet...

My day was pretty much humdrum..but I needed that kind of day..cept hubby called and he was shoveling show..big time..the office was closed..and that doesn't happen often...poor guy..but in a couple more weeks he'll be down here for a week and hopefully our weather will be nice..

So that's my day and I'm now ready for bed..thank goodness..tomorrow I have to cook up a few things for Shug..yeah,I'm always making something for the crew..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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