Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Couldn't Put My Day Together On Wednesday

Couldn't put my day together on Wednesday...been a real bummer..I guess I'm just worried about Miss Annie and to top things off ..this morning she was calm..Now that worries me.. I'm so use to her and Rudy...bouncing all over..and running the marathon..but not this morning..

I decided that I was gonna just give her White rice and I really feel she has irritated bowl..due to the fact last week she ate that rope and I  had to literally help pull it out of her..she couldn't pass it.. and I know that hurt matter how much I tried not too...she also will eat almost anything..wait I take that back..anything !!!...

I've been just giving her, her kibble with a little warm water and diarrhea meds and it's not really her stool is like oatmeal ..not that part also indicates to me it's more I started adding rice..and off and on it would show some improvement but still not this morning I decided to just go with the rice and shredded chicken..

For the first time her stool seemed to form..soft but lunch and dinner again just rice and shredded chicken.. I'll do that for a few more days and see how that her diarrhea meds 2 x a day (every 12 hours)..if that don't do the trick ..then to the Vet we go for XRAY.

I did make a quick run to Winn Dixie to pick up a few things and for the first time that's all I got..what was on my tomorrow as I realized I'm out of chicken breast so I'll  quick run to Publix and pick up Chicken and a few veggies for Shug..and another small bag of white rice..

Most the day I just sat back and kept an eye on what Annie was gonna attempt to get into..she's something else..can't wait till we get through this stage..none of my kids ever where like this..but again I heard many years ago.. You breed dogs long enough you'll see it all...LOL.. heck I didn't breed her but I'm seeing it all with her !!!

Watched Survivor tonight and then as soon as that was over..Rudy came to me.. yep! he was ready to go out and go to for me.. I get to read my email ..write my blog and pop in on Face Book to see what's happening..

So with that.. Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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