Tuesday, March 3, 2015

How Far Do You Go On Tuesday

How far do you go on Tuesday...mmmm, well I know that sounds strange but it will play itself out...and all you can do is trust me !

Morning was again the wild blue yonder cept it was foggy and I had to settle in till the fog lifted so I could make my run to Publix...and I did do that...after I fed the brats and Ms Shug...had my coffee and gathered up my list...out the door I went..woo hoo..and exciting event hahaha.

Got to Publix and my favorite Butcher was on and he saw me and smiled..Yep! He knew I was buying 3 family size packages of chicken thighs and one that he would cut in half for me...now the count is only 10 to a package so that will give me 20 days for the brats..Annie gets half size as she really doesn't need that much..she's doing great but for the nutrients it's perfect..and Rudy gets the whole size..he's really getting to look more burly..which is what he needed..

Then I gathered a few other goodies for Ms Shug..LOL  yeah she gets her stuff too like Flax seed, chi seed and veggie mix..and I use the dehydrated fruit cause she is picky..and the whole fruit if I'm eating one thing but just her it's a waste.

Got back home and they were all happy.. I mean they don't like me to leave, even Ms Shug complains now..she watches me through the window hahaha..too funny...well got back and washed all the chicken up and put up in the freezer for my daily usage..again remember...every thing I do has a setup LOL..that OCD again..:)

Most the day went well..until early evening..another shot in the butt I got..now comes the part..How far do you go for someone you thought was a friend..???? This again will have to play itself out..but it cut me deep..something I would never do... and as I talked with my hubby he again said to me..,"Zeee, when will you learn, not everyone values friendship...you are expecting too much, you are expecting they are like you, not gonna happen..far and few inbetween"..

I had to again think that out.. I have only a few "good" friends that I value their friendship and I would never do anything to inadvertently hurt their feelings..I try to be very up front..in fact brutally honest..but that's how I was raised..

I felt that empty feeling in the pit of my stomach and the rest of the evening was a bummer..I have to really give this food for thought on how I am going to react..or should I...again I have to let this play out.. Sucks because I'd like to just confront ...but I just don't know if it's worth that...so I'll sit back and see how I feel ..

Momma use to say, "In this life you may only have a couple of friends, consider yourself lucky...the rest will just be acquaintances...be happy with that ". Use to get me..but perhaps she was right..you know Mommas were always wise.

Watched the Voice, and then fell asleep on the couch..now up and let the brats out and it's crawl in bed...hope to get back to sleep and start my day fresh..HA!

With that.. those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

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