Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Worry Wart On Tuesday

A worry wart on Tuesday...about Miss Annie and her tummy problem..seems it's been off and on..and also due to the fact that she'll eat anything and everything in sight...so today I started giving her some rice in with her kibble..and put her back on diarrhea meds..if she doesn't show improvement by Friday I'll take her to the Vets and get her checked out..

However, staying on top of her and what's she's eating is a real job..but I'm doing my best to keep her away from Shug's food which will give her those problems as well..not to speak of the sock she barfed up along with the elastic to my panties..hahaha.. I asked her .."Where is my shoes".. you never know with her..

Most the day I was just doing some catch up work and started my second Cowl and I called one of the RV Sistahs to cancel our lunch date tomorrow.. I just can't leave Annie with her problem just in case..

So she and I will catch up the next time she comes back into town..as I'm here till first week of July..and so I'm sure we'll get it together...and Annie will be on the mend..

My day was mainly Mundane..and I needed that as I continued to worry about the brat..so I watched some TV and knitted..and knitted..oh I did cook up some Sausage and Peppers..how could I not LOL

Now watching the Voice and soon to go to bed..and pray tomorrow is better for Miss Annie..Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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