Sunday, March 8, 2015

OH YEAH! I Done Lost An Hour On Sunday

Oh Yeah!  I done lost an hour on Sunday...and I knew it.. I mean my body clock was not gonna like this ...and it was lagging behind...hahaha..I did manage to catch a nap.. I had too... I seem to not sleep well..although I didn't toss much but I felt like I needed the sleep..

Miss Annie woke up with that sound of "something she ate"..well, by the looks of it ...Socks and what ever .. I did ask her, "Where's my shoes"..just in case..and then she kind of lagged around too...

Then by afternoon they went wild..and in fact done in the couch..well the spindle leg.. I had problems with them when I first got the couches had I know it was that type I would have asked to have square blocks put on that's what I'm gonna do.. Go into town to the furniture store and ask if they have someone that does that kind of work..

I fixed the leg and it's holding but it won't take that mad dive of the compound pounds of 200 hitting full blast.. I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did..I do have wood puddy too, to fill in the whole where the screw goes in..

Told the hubby he just sighed..but like I said, "When the couch was delivered I had that problem"..I'm not bent out of shape..and if I have to I'll have the blocks cut and ask Clancy if he can drill them into the bottom of the couch.. I'll feel better I'll put those sliders underneath when I have to move to vacuum..

I did finish the cowl.. it's loose and cozy but next time I know to use less sts and also make it longer..but I can use it ..I love the wearing things like that as it's not cool enough for a jacket but this will be just fine.

Got Ms Shug's crate all cleaned up and my trash is almost all ready for we go again....and I never got out to get my half and it's regular milk ...eeek for my coffee..till I go to Winn Dixie...

Everyone is now ready for bed...and so am I...and on to tomorrow..the days are moving fast and soon Hubby will be here for our anniversary..I got a few jobs for him to do..but I'll let him sleep the first day...LOL

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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