Saturday, March 7, 2015

Tonight's The Night On Saturday

Tonight's the night on Saturday to change the clocks ahead before going to bed..wake up and lose that hour but the thought is...Spring Forward...HELLO THERE!!

This morning all went the routine is down pat..Miss Annie no longer goes out at those wee hours instead she climbs in bed and that's where it's at..She gets on her pillow...Just like any other person..Her head rests and so does she... LOL

Finally once we get up it's the battle of who is gonna win between she and Rudy..but I gotta say, "Rudy always gives in"...he's just a GENT !!...Ms Shug has now joined the forces of wanting to partake in her own thing..where she now peaks underneath her cover and calls me..YOU WHO..or HELLO...Check her picture out I said, "She's a Hoot"..

She sure knows how to play her cards right and she is just so into now just getting into the act of things...I'm thoroughly enjoying it all..even though some days I'm exhausted..guess it comes with the territory !

Most the day I really just laid low as it was a gloomy kind of day and I did work on that cowl..I should probably finish it tomorrow and soon my other project will be in for me to start work on..

I did get to clean out the frig and make a pot of chicken soup with all the veggies I had in the that left over chicken..came out really good..and put that up for the I was some what productive..LOL

Watched My Fair Lady earlier with Audrey Hepburn and then later on watched Roman Holiday.. both great movies and then remembered..needed to set the clocks before coming to bed that's what I did..

Now I'm so ready and tomorrow I have to make my list on a few items I need to pick for sure is Half and Half for my coffee..that's kind of a must !..and am planning on meeting another RV Sistah this coming week on Wednesday so I'll also make a quick run into list is going for that...

So that's my story for today...and so it be..those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

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