Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Wishful Thought On Wednesday

A wishful thought on morning went as my brats are in rear form making up for lost I deal with it... simple ...Just sit back and ride out the soon will come to shore...LOL

Most the day was getting things cooked up in my Crock Pot and then doing some setups (again) for Ms Shug..and making sure Miss Annie is finally getting her tummy together...Thank Goodness ..:)

Later on in the day as I was seattling back I got a call and soon to get what was bothering me off my was good..but it was best I wait a day instead of jumping out of my skin..

Momma always said, "You never make a fast move as it may be your last move" sometimes I often wondered where did she get all this she wasn't a worldly woman..but never the less I can hear her comments in my head..

I'm glad things worked out and that our understanding is better.. I've always tried to believe that if you are straight up front and if things bother you to be honest about it..don't go into attack sense and you wind up having bitter feelings..

I hate to see other people get caught up in a battle where they use someone else as the go between..and that I felt was really about to be happening..Games people play such a waste of energy..not to speak of time.

Watched American Idol tonight there are a couple of the guys I like and tomorrow will be the girls so I'll watch that...and of course I did tape Survivor and I'll watch that tomorrow..can't miss my Survivor..LOL

I'm tired as today was kind of it's lights out for us..and on to tomorrow...woo hoo... Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All.

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