Monday, March 9, 2015

Tis' A Bit Of A Busy Monday

Tis' a bit of a busy say the least....Me and Miss Annie did our usual..she wakes up and let's me know she wants in bed..I get up open her crate and up she jumps...Rudy just continues to snore cause he knows we is just crawling back in bed..and bed we did..till 5am..then it was on to the morning dash...LOL

Had to make up some of Shug's food..which I already had parts in the freezer..Sweet Potatoes, Yellow Potatoes and Greens.  Like chopped broccoli, mustard, turnip and kale all chopped up..yeah my gal Shug eats real good..wonder if I should make her a pan of down home Mississippi corn bread LOL...

Anyway I also had to cook a pot of Quinoa up which goes in with her meal as well plus shredded chicken..OH MY gal has got to have her warm dinner and by the way also flax seed and chia seed..hahaha...that is her dinner big time and I'm tellin ya .. I also do the dehydrated veggies peas, corn, bits of spicy tomatoes and what ever else is in there...

So that got made up and will last me 2 months worth..Yes, another one of my my freezer is full of Brats food and Shug's food.. I'm allowed to share some of it..I mean space..thanks crew LOL

After getting done with all that I then vacuumed..lucky me.. yucko...but that got done till next major I sat back and took a nap..wanted to go to the store but nope didn't get there...

This was trash day and I drug my sack out and then started to look around what I needed to get done in the carport..but I will wait till hubby gets down..too much for me...well, kinda , sorta LOL...don't push my luck..

Then it was on to my nap..LOL  yeah I knew my body was calling for it as I had no choice.. I leaned back in the chair put my feet up and HELLO THERE..I was color me gone...for at least an hour..felt great..

Still having that issue with Miss Annie's tummy..but I think I've got the problem solved..I've made sure she can't get to any Shug's seeds as that's what's giving her the issue..hopefully that will do the trick ..if not she'll go to the vets to make sure nothing else is going on..

Watching the Voice..and soon I'm gonna fade out.. and on with tomorrows work load..maybe I'll get to the store for my half and milk just don't cut it with my coffee...but we'll see..

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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