Monday, July 27, 2015

It Was A Winger Of A Monday

It was a winger of a Monday... it started off with me knowing I was going to have to make a call to Quest regarding a bill they sent me as they sent it to the wrong Insurance and of course it was denied...Surprising LOL

So my night sleep was not great..again I had it on my mind as I can never comprehend how they can screw up ..but they did and still at 8am I was no the phone and had to wait and wait..till finally by 9am I got a voice !

I again with through the nonsense of explaining my "new insurance info"...and as I asked .."how does this continue to happen"  I got the response which to me doesn't make sense..."it's because the orders from the Doctor come in with the insurance on it..."..

Now after the woman made the correction I had to leave to go to the Doctors for an Echo test..and there I asked regarding that.. and of course there response was, "that's not true"...

Oh! Again going in for the test I had to fill out the same forms I did last week..asking if I was near anyone or been to West Africa ???? Oh! also if I will be responsible to pay my bill...hahaha..Each time you go you have to fill this paper work out which is crazy....guess I just am too old to understand this type of reasoning...maybe I'm just not politically correct hahaha

Had my Echo test done and now I'm home till my next Doc appointment..other than we have that family get together in August and then in September I have Mammo, and Bone Density Test plus of course Pap Test..

Goodness time if flying..then I go back to my Cardio Doc and Internist then it's head to Florida if all is well..and I pray that will be...then I have all that Dentist Crap YUCKO!

Oh, the pool removal is in the works..we'll see how that takes place..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..


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