Sunday, July 26, 2015

Here I Sit, Sunday Night

Here I sit, Sunday night...just finished watching Big Brother..doesn't anyone realize that all that scheming usually fails..that ole saying, "best made plans" mine have always been in Jello LOL so the giggle will make me smile..

Today was starting off great as Robert and I planned to go to breakfast in the morning to our favorite Greek Dinner but when he woke up he was feeling best not attempt it..

Most of the day was really a nothing kind of day...did a little looking up "Thanks Google" and also got in touch with another excavator to see if he could give us an estimate before we sign on the dotted line..

Kind of like this...anything less than 12K would be wonderful ...cause we only have 14 days and counting to get this all done..or other wise we pay a fine that adds up daily until it is completed..

Working on my 4th Afghan and it's just about finished have about 15 rows and then it's weave in the ends.. I have several I have to weave in too.. like 3 other I need to weave in ends for the dish rags I made to bring with me to the family get together which isn't  that far off...a little nervous...but also anxious.

Tomorrow I have to go to the Cardio Doc for that Echo test and then I also have to call Quest labs as it seems they keep billing my old insurance company.. I honestly don't know why.. I mean I've done this thing before..trying to get the info straightened back in Jan..

I don't know how people hold their jobs..they are so incompetent. It's a wonder all the records are ever correct..scarey !!!

So that's about it for now.. I'm brain fried and still trying to get this new computer squared away...soon ...soon..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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