Friday, July 3, 2015

We Were Wiped Out On Friday

We were wiped out on Friday....because hubby got in around 2ish (am that is) and Miss Annie went ballistic ...OMG!  I woke up from the noise as at first Miss Annie was growing big time..then it went to a Yelp, and then the bed went in convulsions ... literally with me in it !!

Annie was so excited it took her an hour to calm down for us to all got to bed and when I woke up at 5am it was like I was hit with a heavy hammer.. I mean I dragged around most the day and when hubby got up ..he looked like he suffered a hangover... but Miss Annie and Ms Shug once she realized her Daddy was home.. good Golly Ms Molly.. .it was unreal..

Most the day all we did was lay on the couches.. got up to go out for lunch came back and down we were was one of those.. WE AIN'T DOIN' NUTTIN' kind of days.. I mean it's because we couldn't..hahaha..

I'm happy he made it in safely as the storms were nasty last night for flying as well.. white knuckle kind of night.. and then the next day you're good for nothing at all.. so that's what we did..

I had made the French Dip for dinner.. that was really pretty good.. I got a recipe off the internet using the Crock Pot..In fact I have several meals made up from it.. vacuum sealed for latter date  :)

Even have a meatloaf done up for on the way home.. and a macaroni dish too.. stuff that can be put together easily and less work and only buy breakfast out.. I'll make up two pots of coffee and put them in half gallon milk containers so I can heat in the microwave and have my coffee..can't do with out it..

Tonight we watched Jersey boys.. I smile when I watch it as I knew the Four Seasons from when I was in my 20's ..we all knew the same friends. Small world you know..

Ok, time for bed and on with what tomorrow brings us.. Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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