Monday, July 6, 2015

A Monday That Was The Beginning And

A Monday that was the beginning and the end as well.. One of our R V Sistahs lost her battle with Cancer today... so it was rather a sorrowful day... remembering Sharon and her radiant smile.. her wanting to explore the USA ..her laughter so real, her caring for others as well.. Today we lost a great person, and God gained another Angel..where now she's driving the Lord's Highway...she was too young to go, but perhaps her job (nursing) was done on this earth and she'll fill other positions..and as we both said, "We'll meet up again on the other side ".. God Bless you Sharon, we'll miss you !!

I had completed and Afghan that I wanted to send to her.. as when I began it, she was on my mind, and I saw this neat picture of Lilacs...and I thought, "how beautiful they are, their fragrance and how delicate they look...and also come out in the spring..when you see them and smell them, you do's a heavenly scent.. so I made this afghan in the shades of the lilacs...and thinking of Sharon..

For some reason, I couldn't find my tapestry needle..and I went several times to Walmart as that's where I had gotten it.. I wanted to get it out to her..and as I spoke with one of her friends and got Sharon's address she told me that it was Sharon's favorite color..another surprise..

But that didn't come into place as I thought I'd mail it from home as I am heading to Pa this week..and maybe I could surprise her..again that didn't come to pass..but as I spoke with one of my friends she said, "Perhaps this was for Sharon's Mom..perhaps it is... so I will as I head home finish this afghan weaving the ends in and send a note to her Mom..

My day of packing up is going ok.. my momentium is not there but tomorrow we'll get er' done... I went to put the slide out in the bedroom and it won't open.. called the RV dealer in Pa..and another surprised..they closed down and now are in Media.. spoke with the repair guy and he feels it's the I'll be pulling in there when I get home..

And all is well, now it's time to hit that bed.. and in my prays I want to thank God for Sharon, as she no longer is in pain and suffering.. she is at peace, and may God's blessing help her family through these rough times.. Letting go isn't easy..although we say, "it was for the best".. it's still hard on the heart..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

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