Saturday, July 25, 2015

Here It Is Saturday Night

Here it is Saturday night and all is well, so far...however......

This morning was a fun day...we had to head back up to where the motor home is being repaired and serviced at in Hatfield, Pa.. Why?  did you ask hahaha... well Robert forgot to take the bag of dog food out of her...

See, I know longer bug hubby as he claims..(you know how hubby's can be) so I didn't say a word other I check my list off..."Did you get everything out of the rig"...and of course hubby says, "What do you think ">? 

Now for me that can be a leading question and I really try to stay away from all that can and will bite me later I didn't bother to respond.

Hence we headed up this morning to pick up said bag of dog food, nice trip :)Weather was great too and we took Miss Annie for the ride and she loved that was fantastic..

Ok, getting back to my saga...from the trip home...

We got in and unloaded the rig..and I made my Doctor appointments and my numbers were that was a plus.. also the insurance company for the man that backed into me had called and he was very easy to work with..thank goodness...and life seems to be getting back on track..

Now coming home from the Doc's office I get a call from hubby telling me I received a registered letter and he picked it up at the post office..and it was a summons..????????

Panic I was...For what ???? Who would summons me..What did I do..where did I go ????? over the accident ?  When it wasn't my fault >>>>> Oh please tell me what in the world is this happening..

So hubby said calmly, "It's over the pool, we have 14 days to empty is or pay a fine of 1K per day till we comply "  ....OMG!  then he said, "there was a complaint registered with the township "... I had this awful feeling in the pit of my stomach...who would and why???

Well when hubby got home he then says to me, "it's our neighbor, as something was said regarding our pool being closed 2 years in a row"... now this causes me to turn beet red and speak in my native language.. "Italian.."  and if you know me..when I start speaking in an other language it's because I can't think right and only start perking and wanting to choke the S. O. B.

I mean I live not far from this jerk and if he has a problem he could knock on my door.. I'm not a monster..although right now I'd like to rip his tonsils out !

So the next day I go down to the township building and talk to the Township Manager and explain.. I'm 72 and not in good health and I can't use my pool by myself and my hubby is working long hours and exhausted and no longer can keep up the pool so we kept it closed and with chemical in it..(shock)  but because this is going to be an on going issue  I've decided to remove the pool..and I have an excavating company that is going to come in and do the job..

Now this is going to cost us 12K for everything..removal and fill.. something I wasn't planning on doing at this point in time.. and really not happy but I have no choice as this again like I said will be from time to time a major issue..

I felt like my insides were ripped out.. the township manager was really great in fact he as a kid use to come down on the corner of my house and catch the school bus and also with the group of kids have swam in my pool..

He felt terrible about the whole thing and I explained I wasn't blaming him ..the law is the law...however, my neighbor will have his share of aggravation as I'm a firm believer in Karma..he will get his !!!

So that was the next bolt of lightening to hit but I'm sure like always things for me happen in 3's...I don't want to think "what's next"  cause you know from following my blog...that can be dangerous..

Back to Saturday...

It was really a good day after all.. I ofcourse chuckled... I just couldn't that's it for now.. and I'm tired and still have to figure my new computer out.. I like it but again.. need to learn the ins and outs...but one good thing.. I'm posting and attempting to catch you all up on my madness..LOL

Those traveling Stay Safe, and as always God Bless Us All..

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