Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Main Man Arrives On Thursday

The main man arrives on Thursday...sure enough.. Hubby comes in from Philly...although there was a plane delay ..he finally boarded at which means..he'll be here at the house midnight as I expected..

Morning was a little busy..and again the rains came.. and I just happen to be outside when the heavens opened up...Drenched I did get...should have had a bar of soap could have taken my bath....but I was DRENCHED!

My boxes are lined up in the hallway..looks like a train station..but it's not a lot of things but things we need to take back with us.. ie dog supplies, bird supplies and my meds and clothes and a few groceries.. hahaha..

No matter how we say, "we're not taking much back's always a bundle"..but the long ride cures us and some what we have cut back a good deal..but we still have that in and out, up and down ..and the long winding drive..

This time when Lord willing we come back I'm gonna stay till the end of July..and be home for Aug and Sept..visit my Doctors and tests done and then visit with my nieces if they'll have me..:)

Hopefully the next two times hubby will be able to retire and then sell the house up north..but we have decided to also still come back up north..Doc visits and visit family for those hot summer months Aug, and Sept.

Now I've got everything done up and ready to hit the bed.. Miss Annie is gnawing that bone and I sure hope when hubby gets in's not crazy like..but Miss Annie is sure becoming my protector...I can hear the yelling now..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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