Sunday, July 5, 2015

What A Great Sunday !

What a great Sunday !.... Hubby and I took it easy..took Miss Annie again for a ride and breakfast..she had her treat and we had ours..came back and gave Ms Shug her let me say this, "if I had Shug's crate in the car..she too would have come along...hey, they is our family and Ms Shug and Annie, well they sold me out since the "Man" came in town ...LOL TRUE !!!

Most of the day we took it easy as tomorrow is the get the chairs in the wagon..although we did bring the motor home over to the house and plugged her in..but before we could do that we had WASPS Nest in the outside mirror cover and under the steps and underneath the wheel base where the cover for the tires are.. we think it might be the material in the covers that the WASPS like...oh man they were swarming...

Robert went to get some Wasps spray and when he came back I was inside the rig with Annie she and I were ok..air was on and we were relaxing as we watched hubby fight them buggers... oh they were swarming big time.. and I had the door shut .. I heard him yell, but I never opened the door.. I know I'm bad..but get this.. I'm allergic to beezzzzzzzzzzz and no way...was I opening that door hahahaha..

After that deal we then drove over to the house plugged her in and then came inside.. it's great being inside her.. I have always loved this coach..she was my Shangrala....and still is !!...

So we really just took our times today and enjoyed dinner.. Meatloaf made in the Crock Pot.. Baked Potatoes and Peas and Mushrooms in a garlic sauce..YUM!
Then we watched TV as Hubby laid on the couch and just relaxed..he needs it and so tomorrow we'll get all the stuff and start loading up ..Turn on the Frig and Freezer...

It will come together as we are not leaving till Wed and then it's on the way home and again I only drive so many hours a day due to me tiring out and for me it does get stressful although I never realize it till my legs are as big and tree trunks..

The feeling of going home is starting to come to life and with Rudy not being's a strange feeling also..but I know he's in good hands with Rose ..but sure to miss the big lug !!

Ok, time for bed as tomorrow is gonna be busy..maybe a few yells..but we will get it done...Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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