Friday, July 24, 2015

It's Been Awhile And It's Friday

It's been awhile and it's Friday and I'm back in Philly...Trust me when I tell you it's been one hell of a trip !! 

Started off..everything was I to Brunswick, Ga just fine and Robert didn't come up till the next day when I was in Latta, South Carolina...but on the way there I had a few little experiences..

First off ...left Brunswick, Ga just fine and had a good night sleep just me and Miss Annie and Ms Shug.. I managed well ...I mean walking wasn't the greatest but it wasn't the worst..

Then stopped in Welcome center in South Carolina as Miss Annie had to potty and so did I....took her out and made sure she behaved going down the I have to go down them backwards and using my cane for balance when walking Annie..she is really being good...

Go to come back to get in the rig and can't get the door open..????? What's with that ? and then it came to I was going down the steps I hit the bottom button and it locked down the coach...HOLY CRAP... I have no keys with me..nor a cell phone...Give me  a break !!

I didn't panic...but I looked around to see who I could get to help me..No one was near me..and all the truckers must have been sleeping...for their stop over..down time....and then I saw some woman and I called her to please help me if she could just call someone ..

She got the custodian and he came over then called a Lock Smith as he said, "the police no longer do that" waited for the Lock Smith..he came and opened the door..for 125 buckeroos..CASH ONLY... and I hadn't a clue how much I had as I don't normally travel with money just credit cards...and by George I had 135 exactly...

First time I ever used a locksmith and by the way... my insurance covers it cept I didn't get a receipt as he was going to the hospital his father was just taken in an ambulance...was it for real ???? who knows..but one thing I got in and that's all that was like 100 heat index..Me and Miss Annie wouldn't have survived..she was such a good girl too.!

Pulled out of there and got to Latta, South Carolina ...Flying J...and it was packed everyone lined up to get gas...and I got in line behind this guy with a pull trailer.. so I sit and wait.. a little upset I paid out because I didn't carry my keys...not beating myself up..

Next thing I look up and see this guy in the trailer starting to back up.. HUH???? and Yep! I blow the horn cause I can't back up.. cars and rigs behind me..and the guy keeps coming...HELLO you hear my horn ..???? BEEEEEEEP and then CRUNCH...yes indeedy.. he bumps into me.. his bicycle rack goes right into Mabeline's hood... I could feel the pain LOL..but oh my stars !!!

2 things in one day and the day isn't over...I get out and the guy fills up his tank pulls over to the side and comes over and says, "Did I hit you " ?????  HUH????  is this a dream ??? 

So I have my phone with me and take pictures and he does too..then takes my info and I take his... and away he goes... I pull up and get gas as Robert is still in Wildwood, Florida and won't be up till some time tonight...

I pull over to a parking spot and get comfy ..walk Annie to Ms Shug and then just lean back and shake my head... talk with sense in getting upset one was hurt just my pride..

Robert finally gets up around 9 pm and we get something to eat and then go to bed and in the morning we will hook up the car and head up to Carmel Church, Virginia...can't wait.

Next morning up we get and gonna top off with gas and head out.. I go to make a turn so Robert can hook up the car and go to put my foot on the brake and I have no brakes...OH NO !!! 

Tell Robert and he looks at me ...You got it !!  No BRAKES !!  So I call Foremost Insurance...they are sending a tow truck...and we wait and wait and it's hotter than hot.....finally some lady pulls up along side of me and asks .."Am I broke down" ?... I said, "YES" !   and she proceeds to tell me she's with the garage and my Insurance is arguing with the owner ??????

So I call my Insurance company and get the low down... I get it squared away and reason was..the garage owner wouldn't tow cause he could do the work .... ok, lets get this show on the road...

Sends two men over and they work on the rig.. brake line broke and they didn't have a part so they made one...HUH... works for me...but by the time they finished it was late in the day and my generator quit got over heated and vacuum had to wait that out till it cooled then we pulled back over to the same spot and parked for the night... filled the rig up again with fuel and in the morning out we went..

Made it up to Carmel Church, Flying J in Virginia...hello there..and stayed over night...left early in the morning to head to Rising Sun, Md to my girlfriends place then spent a few hours with her ..headed out and home we came..

I really cut all the drama out as I'm tired and too much and could I remember all the details..HECK NO... I'm just glad we all got home safely ...

I will continue with my story tomorrow as again I'm tired and it's past my bed time hooking up a new computer so I could write...LOL

So as it is..Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..


  1. Glad your blog is back!!! Missed you!

    1. Linda, I missed me too !'s been wild and still going strong..stay tuned in ! God Bless