Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Blurr On Tuesday !!!!

A Blurr on Tuesday !!!!.....oh brother where art thou ?????  it was a whopper of a start off and then some... as we were getting things to go out into the rig... don't tread on me...or don't get in my way..Look out you #%^@...... yeah it was a happy day...

Morning I was up at 5am.. of course me and Miss Annie tip toed out the bedroom down the hallway and kept quiet..something we are not use too.. and boy I can't wait for Oct..hahaha... hate that tip toe crap !!

Anyway.... we was not in the greatest of spirits and between the rain and the heat...Why are we doing this ????  Well, have to till hubby retires cause there isn't any other alternative... I mean I can stay longer but still have to come back for Docs and Car and Motor home inspection till I change my driver's license and insurance...OY!!  don't wanna go there just yet ..

Tomorrow don't want to think about it..but we still have that check again list and the heavy sighing.. then when I'm ready to push off.. hope and pray no rain and may all things come together and Robert not roll his eyes and make those funny sounds and that strange few words that seem to trip through his lips..Puhleeeeeeeeeeeeeez!

So now it's bed time thank goodness.. and I'll say my prayers and next thing I know it will be morning...OUCH!

Those traveling...Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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